Message From Delta Industrial Group ( D.I.G )

Pathein is the capital city of Ayeyarwaddy Division and a well-known city in Myanmar, is situated 105 miles (138 kilometer) form Yangon. With a population of nearly 7 million in the division, 90% of people are relying on agriculture & farming. Ayeyarwaddy Division,with its human resources and large labor force, is a very promising area for development and industrialization in the future. For the time being, the port has the capacity to berth up to a 5000-ton vessel, while an International deep-water seaport is to be constructed in the near future.

Delta Industrial Group (D.I.G) has developed a project of nearly 180 acres (over 784080 sq meter) of land for garment industrial park in Pathein since 2012. The project is aiming to set up garment factories and we will create 30000 job opportunities in the future. We are very proud to say as DIG is the first large-scale developer in the Ayeyarwaddy division .

As new civilian government took over power since last year, economic policy have changed dramatically, decreased export tax from 10% to 2% for garment and other industries as well. Tax exemption for foreign investors is also extended from 3 to 5 years. Import formalities now need one day only at Ministry of Commerce to be completed, supposed documentations without any discrepancies.

There is no doubt that Pathein Garment Industrial Park will soon become one of the most competitive & attractive area for investors in Myanmar. We are sincerely invite garment and other manufactures, importers from foreign & local to visit Pathein Garment Industrial Park & set up a possibilities of long lasting business cooperation for mutual benefits. On the other side , we have developed 150 acre housing project which is called as Mya Kyun Thar housing since 2015. The project is targeting middle-income and high-income people and it also has the mix-used commercial landmark project in our housing. We will develop phase by phase and will launch the landmark project in 2017. The whole project will be completed next 5 years and will upgrade the lifestyle of the people who lives in Ayeyarwaddy division.

Thank you!
Delta Industrial Group