Ayeyarwaddy Region

Ayeyarwaddy Region formerly Ayeyarwaddy Division and Ayeyarwaddy Division is a region of Myanmar, occupying the delta region of the Ayeyarwaddy River (Ayeyarvvaddy River). lt is bordered by Bago Region to the north, Bago Region and Yangon Region to the east, and the Bay of Bengal to the south and west. lt is contiguous with the Rakhine State in the northwest. The Ayeyarwaddy Delta comprises the main arms of Pathein River, Pyapon River, Bongale River and Toe River. Ayeyarwaddy Region is flanked by the Rakhine Yoma (Arakan mountains) range in the west and large areas were cleared for paddy cultivation, leading to its preeminent position as the main rice producer in the country, a position it has retained into the 21st century.

The capital city of Ayeyarwaddy division is Pathein.
ls a sleepy colonial town in the delta region where time seems to have stopped. The town is charming and live is much slower then in bustling larger towns. Many people still walk to their destinations or take bicycles. Pathein is a little over 3 hours drive from Yangon.

Pathein is accessible to large vessels and despite its distance from the ocean, it is the most important delta port outside of Yangon. The city is also a terminus of a branch of the main railroad line which connects it to Hinthada, Latpadan and Yangon. ln the 1990s, the road network along the Ayeyarwaddy to Monya was improved.

Pathein is on your way if you go to either Ngwe Saung Beach or Chaung Tha Beach. Chaung Tha Beach and Ngwesaung Beach are popular resorts for both foreign-ers and Burma people. They are located in west side of Ayeyarwaddy Region, one hours distance from Pathein City and four hours from Yangon city by road transportation.