The Message from the Chief Minister

U Thein Aung
Chief Minister
Government of Ayeyarwaddy Region

In accordance with the policy of the State Government, all -round development has been performed in Ayeyarwaddy Region, oith especial emphasis to reduce the poverty of the basis level people. ln this endeavour, it is important to create job opportunities not only for those from the basic level but also for graduates.

As the project of garment factory (CMP) can recruit more than 50,000 employees, there must be special encouragement and support for that project.

Ayeyarwady Region is based on paddy plantations. As those plantations will be mecha- nized gradually soon, there may be more jobless ones. Due to the essential situation to create job opportunities for those umemployed people, idustrial zones must be established without fail. The project of garment factory (CMP) is a forerunner for that.

This is why, it will be certain for the Government of Ayeyarwady Region to support that project, as it is one of the helping hands for the reduction of poverty, which is the policy of the State.